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„We care.”

Taking care of yourself and your loved ones is not an expense. It’s an investment. That is why we care about our customers, always focusing on health and safety, as well as the highest quality of products and services that we offer.
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6 reasons to choose Hygienika products

By focusing our activities on customer satisfaction, we offer products exactly as our recipient expects.

Experienced professionals

Our staff consists of professionals with many years of experience in the industry. Investing in high-class specialists is one of our key assumptions, which is why we strive to constantly improve the qualifications of our employees.

High-quality materials

In production, we use certified raw materials from proven suppliers who apply pro-ecological measures. We try to minimize the use of unnecessary dyes and fragrances.

High-quality production

We are aware that only high quality ensures market success, which is why we are very focused on controlling all processes affecting our products.

Modern production lines

The full range of HYGIENIKA machines is able to produce and deliver a comprehensive range of sanitary products. We have dedicated production lines for the highest quality products.

100% child friendly

Knowing how important and sensitive each element can be, we pay special attention to the creation of assumptions and the production of our line of products aimed at children.

Product liability

We constantly develop and improve the methods of production and disposal of our own products, so that they are as least harmful to the environment as possible. We use certified raw materials from proven suppliers who apply pro-ecological activities.

Where to buy our products?

Retail and online

You may find our products both in in large retail chains and small local stores.

You can also buy all our products in our dedicated online store:

Our products

We are a manufacturer of hygiene products, such as: baby diapers, sanitary napkins and liners, hygiene and protection products, also in our own brands. We offer a wide range of products in various versions, giving our customers the best quality goods at an attractive price for them.

To HYGIENIKA, the main goal has always been the consumer but also the environment

We are aware of the problem of pollution of the world with waste and we are not indifferent to it We don’t want to be only part of the problem, we also want to be part of the solution That is why we are still taking actions that will allow us to fulfil our ambition.

In addition to care about our technologies, we have made a number of investments providing for us energy independence ( as well as other activities aimed at caring for the environment (ecological sewage treatment plant, thermomodernization, technologies).

About us

Satisfied customers. Our references.

Implementation of the project under the European Funds

Hygienika Sp. z o. o. implements a project entitled “Implementation of the production of diapers for infants and children with an innovative absorbent core.” The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Intelligent Development Operational Program. The project is carried out as part of the competition of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development: 3.2.1. Research for the market.

Project goal: Implementation of the production of diapers for infants and children with an innovative absorbent core.

Planned effects: The result of the implementation of this project will be the production of the highest quality diapers and optimization of the product packaging process by reducing the use of foil for the production of packaging.

Project value : PLN 16,441,051.20

Contribution of European Funds: PLN 7,398,473.04

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