Do not panic

Parenting groups and portals are bending over with entries from young mothers, who are not allowed to enjoy what they enjoyed before by the fatigue and hardships of their first years of motherhood.

Many of them are nervous “good morning” after a sleepless night, constant mess at home, the child’s reluctance to eat and the lack of understanding on the part of the partner and family. Instead of support, they hear out-of-date advice that has nothing to do with their situation. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are five rules to try to break this vicious cycle.

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About face hygiene and potential allergies caused by masks

The problem of allergies applies to all products with which we come into contact. Anything can sensitize – food, clothes, cosmetics, sun rays … However, if the product is completely safe (and therefore tested and certified by independent laboratories and institutes) – irritation and allergies do not result from a product defect, but from the individual reaction of each organism to a given product .

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